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NPA South East 2016

NPA South East Championships 2016

Report & Photography by Michael Phillips and Fivos Averkiou

Saturday September 3rd was the day 33 competitors strode onto the stage to compete in the 2016 NPA South East Championships held once again at The Medway Hall, in Tonbridge, Kent. Good audience turn-out with great enthusiasm, in particular for the Novice class which raised the roof, helped to make the 13th year of the South East a successful 4th Britain qualifier of the season for the NPA, and was enjoyed by all!

Huge thanks to the main show sponsors, EQ Nutrition and Udo’s Choice, in particular Simon Stevens, Steve Howarth, and Jack Dawson of EQ, and Tony Barnes of Udo’s, who very kindly gave supplements for first, second, and third places in every class, and to class sponsors Fox Mouldings (great trophies as always), last year’s Junior Champion AJ Morris and Made by Morris Personal Training, Louise of Liquid Sun Rayz, and Matt Bembridge – The Gym Professor – your support is much appreciated!


Masters Over 50’s

1 – Roy Vaughan – 4

2 – Charlie McKee – 9

3 – Stephen Male – 13

4 – Julian Maurer – 14

A dominant NPA debut for Roy, as he took all the first places. Very good back and hams, loads of muscle, with Beckles-esque biceps, and overall very good muscular condition, he was very happy to win, and his broad smile lit up the stage! Charlie got second, thick-set chest, delts and arms as always, Charlie wasn’t at his sharpest today though, had he been he would have challenged Roy. Stephen’s wide shoulders and back gives him very good shape, indeed, he was the best he has ever looked, but he still needs harder condition – very good posing display too. Julian got fourth, good back and delts, with a very good taper.

Masters Over 40’s

1 – Adrian Hampton – 4

2 – Stephen Ferguson – 9

3 – Matthew Hall – 11

100% first places for Adrian, clearly improved from his 4th place a few weeks earlier at the NPA Midlands. Very good delts and arms, but it was his back which put him way ahead of his fellow competitors – wide, thick, and conditioned, with outstanding hamstrings, his overall back double biceps was like a mountain range, a clear win for Adrian. Second spot went to Stephen, sharpest in the class, with washboard abs, very good front lat spread, good separation all over his physique, looked pale under the strong lights though. Third was Matthew, who, despite his outstanding shape and structure, and cannonball biceps, he still has to be more conditioned, especially on the legs, to climb up the placings.

Trained Figure Over 40’s

1 – Sue Underdown – 5

2 – Elesa Zehndorfer – 7

3 – Helen Saunders – 13

4 – Traci Vine – 15

With 10 of the 12 available first places, this was a first ever win for an improving Sue – wide shoulders, superb lines, and tapered back, with the right amount of muscle for the Trained Figure class, Sue was a very happy winner. Runner-up, and making a welcome return after 7 years away from the stage, was Elesa. Quite a bit smaller than the statuesque Sue, Elesa was in superb shape, with very good lines and proportions, and with an outstanding posing routine.

Third was Helen, in good shape, with Traci in fourth, who was quite a bit leaner than Helen, Helen had better shape though, with both needing more time in the gym to be able to add a little bit more muscle tissue and quality to be able to challenge the likes of Sue.


1 – Andrew Abraham – 5

2 – Will Cayless – 7

When both the Juniors took to the stage in their first ever competition, the fantastic shape, structure, and taper of 18 year old Will in the front stance made him stand out – it was also apparent that 19 year old Andrew was carrying more muscle than Will without having the stand-out aesthetic look of Will. Two very good Juniors: Andrew – thick chest, wide back, big delts, hard condition versus Will: stunning shape, outstanding front lat spread, just needs more mass and thickness, which Andrew had in abundance. Very good battle between two contrasting physiques!

Men’s Lightweights Under 70kg

1 – Bertrand Augustin – 4

2 – Steven Cheng – 8

3 – Daniel Fadai-Tehrani – 12

100% marks from all the judges with all the placings in all the rounds. Bertrand has the sort of physique we would all like, with his fantastic upper body shape and structure, detailed mid-section, and with a back double biceps among the best in Britain! Yes, he does need more legs, particularly calves, but they are improving. Another superb posing display saw Bertrand take his first ever contest win much to the delight of his family and himself! In the shape of his life, Steven has never looked better – thick chest, wide back, full muscled, fantastic cuts, vascularity, and muscle separation, on his upper body, good shape on the legs, but does need more separation there. Daniel, when he won this class at the NPA Yorkshire in May, was in his best ever shape back then, and that is what he needs to stand on stage to challenge the quality physiques of Bertrand and Steven, which today he didn’t show.

Ladies Physique

1 – Maria Baptiste – 5

2 – Catherine Donnelly – 7

In her first ever competition, and weighing 51kg, Maria took 8 of the 12 first places, and was in better shape than Catherine. With superb proportions and symmetry, very good arms and abs, Maria was very happy to win! Catherine, who was 16kg heavier than Maria, carries a lot of muscle, but needs to come in sharper – she posed superbly too, but overall I felt she let herself down, as with her frame and overall size she should do better.

Men’s Middleweights Under 78kg

1 – Sam Slack – 5

2 – Gordon Greenhorn – 7

Back in 2008, at the NPA Britain, we saw the best ever MW battle in an NPA competition, with Delroy Galloway versus Neil Ashley; it was memorably epic, and remains one of the contest highlights in the NPA’s 13 year history! This battle between Sam Slack and Gordon Greenhorn was up there with that contest! Here we had two top class Middleweights, Sam weighing in at 77.4kg, Gordon at 75.3kg, both were in fantastic shape, and both were put through 3 sets of comparisons, as opposed to the norm of 2 – it was that close, and that tough a contest to judge. As it was, Sam’s awesome combination of supreme shape and symmetry, combined with thick, rock hard muscle mass all over his physique, from his cannonball delts, to his fantastic arm development, saw Sam take the class with 7 of the available first places to Gordon’s 5. In the runner-up spot, it was hard to imagine Gordon looking any better as he was peaked to perfection; full muscled, amazing detail everywhere, none more so than in his incredible mid-section and feathered thighs. As I watched both go head to head for the class, I was thinking that surely the Overall Champion would be the winner of this class…


1 – Charlie Brisbourne – 4

2 – Andrejs Sumarokous – 11

3 – Nathan Williams – 14

4 – Sean Harris – 14

5 – Christopher Williams – 17

All the first places going to Charlie; loads of mass, very complete with a wide back, big legs, no weak body-parts, Charlie was a stand out winner and if a few lbs lighter and tighter will be even more impressive. Andrejs got second, good frame, plenty of muscle, very good side chest shot, but a fraction soft, and I thought his tan wasn’t the best. Terrific battle for third with both Nathan and Sean in a tie initially, which was split by the head judge. Nathan displayed very good legs, incredible calves, very good back, but needs more torso thickness. Nathan had lost an astonishing 6 stones to stand on the stage, and received a fantastic reception…as did Sean, roared on by his great support; outstanding side chest shot highlighting his chest, delts and arms very well, very good mid-section too. Chris in fifth did get a third from one judge, and was the heaviest in the class at 83.7kg. Big frame, plenty of width, good abs, Chris, like Nathan, had lost a lot of weight to enter his first ever competition; just a bit tighter condition and Chris would have impressed even more. That applies to Andrejs and Nathan as well, but overall, for a Novice class with 3 first timers, this was a very good class, and so well supported by their vociferous supporters, it really raised the roof!

Trained Figure

1 – Lucy Walton – 6 (then by 7 first places to 5)

2 – Karen Thomas – 6 (then by 5 first places to 7)

3 – Jess Daniels – 12

4 – Charmaine Scribbins – 16

5 – Marta Chlanova – 20

6 – Lisa Moore – 24

Very close battle for top spot, with Lucy just edging out Karen. Lucy’s lines, shape and extra muscle, just giving her the edge over the outstanding lines and shape of Karen. You have to have some muscle in the Trained Figure class, it’s a sure sign that you go to the gym, and Lucy has that – she could have been a little sharper, and her colour was a bit pale, but overall there is no denying her Trained Figure qualities. Karen, for a first-timer, showed great presence, and her stances and overall posing display were superb. Jess in third, outstanding shoulders and arms, very well trained and toned; the back development on all the top 3 was very good indeed, all with wide shoulders, good lat width, very good taper, and good legs! They were obviously the top 3 as soon as they walked out. In fourth, in her first competition, Charmaine displayed good taper, wide back, good shoulders to waist; fifth was Marta, the tallest competitor, very well toned and trained, just needs more muscle to place higher, as does the slim figure of Lisa Moore in sixth.

Men’s Heavyweights 78kg+

1 – Harry Ranson – 4

2 – Marcus Lamb – 8

Great win for Harry, taking 10 of the available 12 first places. Very good, aesthetic and balanced structure, outstanding legs, calves, abs and delts, well separated, clearly in excellent shape! A very disappointed Marcus placed second – upper body very muscular, well separated, very good condition; Marcus’ calves let him down, and he needs to take it more seriously in terms of when he is on-stage; at times, he went from laughing, to grimacing, within a second, was relaxed too much, and slow hitting his poses – when on-stage, you really can’t leave any stone unturned, and when you leave the stage, you should not be thinking that ‘I let myself down there’, this is what I feel Marcus did, as he has an outstanding physique, and should have pushed Harry more, who performed superbly in all three rounds – two very good physiques!

Trained Figure Overall


2 – Sue Underdown – 8

Clear win for the outstanding Lucy, who though she was in excellent shape, she can be better than she showed today, which I dare say she will be at the 2016 NPA Britain Finals! Sue has clearly made big improvements over the last 12 months, and will also be in Brighton on Saturday October 1st for the 2016 NPA Britain Finals.

Men’s Overall

1 – SAM SLACK – 5

2 – Harry Ranson – 9

3 – Charlie Brisbourne – 11

4 – Bertrand Augustin – 15

5 – Adrian Hampton – 22

6 – Roy Vaughan – 23

7 – Andrew Abraham – 27

My thoughts at the time of judging the middleweight class that the winner would come from that class, came true, with Sam, in only his third competition, taking the Overall title, but he didn’t have it all his own way! However, Sam’s combination of muscle thickness, rock hard condition, and overall symmetry and shape deservedly saw him win the Overall, and he can be better! He actually turned down an invite to the NPA Mike Williams Pro-Am to be held a week later, so he can concentrate on the 2016 NPA Britain. What a middleweight class that will be!

Best First-timers: Karen Thomas & Andrew Abraham.

Best Presentation: Karen Thomas & Bertrand Augustin.

Judges: Richard Walker, Carol Streeter, Carl Zambra, and Michael Phillips.

Polygrapher: Patrick Mulligan of Forensic Vetting Ltd.

Back-stage: Scott Riley.

At a lot of NPA competitions over the last few years, there has been a raffle for various charities. At this year’s NPA South East, £170 was raised for the PSPA (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy and Corticobasal Degeneration). Big thanks to Fivos Averkiou, EQ Nutrition, the NPA, and Udo’s Choice for donating prizes, and to everyone who bought a ticket, be proud of yourselves!

Huge thanks as always to all who were there supporting the competition, whether competing, officiating, or spectating, hope to see you all there next year at the 2017 NPA South East Championships!

Michael Phillips

Secretary - NPA

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