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NPA Mike Williams Classic 2016

2016 NPA Mike Williams Classic

Report and photography by Michael Phillips & Fivos Averkiou

On Sunday September 11th 2016, the NPA returned to the fabulous Penistone Paramount Theatre in South Yorkshire, for the first time since 2012, for the Mike Williams Classic & Pro-Am, and it was great to be there with 51 competitors all ready for battle for the Mike Williams Classic titles, with another 3 of the world’s best Champions in the Pro-Am class – the report for the Pro-Am class you can find elsewhere in the show reports section on the NPA web-site. As always, the MW Classic was the last qualifier of the year, with a very high standard of competitor in all classes!

Mike Williams was a cornerstone co-founder, member and supporter of the NPA at our formation back in 2004; not only was he a great Champion with World, European, and British titles to his name, he was one of the finest men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, and the competition named after him is a very important one in the world of Natural Bodybuilding.

The Mike Williams Classic is a unique competition, and with the Penistone Paramount being a theatre and a cinema, for the first time in four years, it gave us the opportunity to open the competition with Mike Williams guest posing on the cinema screen. I have seen Mike’s guest posing display at the 2004 NPA Britain a number of times, it is simply sublime – Mike posed so easily and effortlessly, and to see him in top shape, just a couple of weeks after he actually won the Pro-Am class that year, is just awesome – you really have to be there for such moments, and it goes without saying that Mike, on the cinema screen, seemingly 10 feet tall, in the shape of his life, went down a storm with a very appreciative audience. Mike, you will always be missed.

Onto the report itself; first, it’s very important to acknowledge the sponsors, the ones who give their money, and supplements, to support the NPA and all our members and competitors!

The show sponsors:


Joanne Todd’s Chalk & Diamonds Figure Suits & Posing Briefs; Nicola Gilbert and A1 Tanning; Pete Gawtry Fitness – Personal Trainer; Matt Bembridge, The Gym Professor; Mark & Gill Fox of Fox Mouldings, Thirsk; Fivos Averkiou, Photography.

Thank you, each and every one of you!

On with the report!

Masters Over 50’s

1 – Richard Walker – 4 points

2 – John Madourie – 5

3 – Carlos Cockburn – 9

4 – Steven Jacobs – 12

A fantastic battle between two top class Masters Champions, both with many titles to their names! Three judges went for Richard, two for John, there was just one point in it, it couldn’t have been any closer! Richard has never looked better; super tight, granite hard, supreme balance and proportions, full muscled, and with a superb posing routine. John, looking for a hat-trick of MWC wins, just missed out, was in great shape, with his usual sharp muscularity and separation, the battle for top spot was a toss up, both deserved it! Carlos got third, in good condition, superb balance, and a funky dance/posing routine that brought the house down as usual! Steven was a clear fourth, very good shape, with plenty of muscle, just needs to be harder to be able to challenge those above him.

Trained Figure Over 40’s

1 – Sue Underdown – 3

2 – Vanessa Harbar – 6

3 – Karen Preston – 9

All the first places for Sue, who followed up her South East win of two weeks earlier, displaying the same shape and structure, with her wide shoulders and superb v-shape, especially from the back, giving her a clear win. Vanessa in second, with a very good posing routine which included the splits, and Karen in third, were both in very good shape, with good lines, both showing well toned figures, but need more muscle to be able to challenge Sue.

Masters Over 40’s

1 – Chris Fortune – 3

2 – Adrian Hampton – 6

A third MWC title on the trot for Chris, displaying his usual X-Man shape, big delts and legs, outstanding calf development, Chris wasn’t quite as sharp as normal, that will happen for the NPA Britain no doubt! Adrian, like Sue Underdown, fresh from a win at the NPA South East, was very nearly as sharp as that day, and his back, delts, and arms are a match for anybody. Two top class Masters physiques.

Juniors Under 21’s

1 – Daniel Redmond

Daniel’s abs, arms, and legs were displayed to great effect. Washboard abs, great shape and separation on the quads, chest and arms outstanding. Daniel’s weak area is his back, so with improvements made there with simple hard graft in the gym, Daniel will be a very good competitor indeed in the future.

A side-note…on the day, Thomas Beswick placed second to Daniel. Thomas was drug tested on the day; two weeks later, the results that came back showed him with banned substances in his body…he is 18 years of age. Suffice to say that the NPA does indeed drug test, and poly-graph, as we strive to keep the sport clean and healthy. You can read more about this on the NPA web-site at

Ladies Physique

1 – Yvette Arthur – 3

2 – Karen Gunson – 6

3 – Lauren Davis – 10 (then 16)

4 – Caroline Oliver – 10 (then 17)

When it comes to making a competitive debut with what could be described as a bit of an impact, Yvette, a Champion runner and athlete who in 2016 decided to try a different sport at the age of 55, astonished everybody with her amazing physique! Very muscular, very good lines and shape, with a skin texture of a 25 year old, this was an NPA debut to remember! Karen was a clear second, very muscular, but couldn’t quite match the overall muscle quality of Yvette. Lauren just edged Caroline for third; Lauren is tiny, but so well structured, with very good symmetry, muscularity, and shape; Caroline, making a very welcome return to the NPA seven years after winning the NPA British Trained Figure title, I know was in two minds regarding physique or figure, and carried more muscle than Lauren, but wasn’t as conditioned; she posed superbly too. Another very good class!


1 – Jacob Somerset

Jake’s competitive debut was one of those ‘you had to be there’ moments. He was on his own, he actually withdrew from the contest the week before, and ye writer told everybody in the audience about the phone conversation that took place between myself and Jake as I cajoled him back into entering the contest. With good shape and balance, good chest and leg development, an outstanding back double-biceps shot, weighing in at 62.5kg, this was a life-changing moment for Jake, who has cerebral palsy. Suffice to say, in all my 26 years of promoting Bodybuilding competitions, I have never seen anyone get a standing ovation, and that is what Jake got – it was emotional, and it was awesome! Welcome to competitive bodybuilding NPA style, Jake!


1 – Alvydas Janusauskas – 3

2 – Andrew Turner – 6

3 – David Hitchins – 9

4 – Luke Maguire – 12

5 – Philip King – 15

Weighing in at 93.6kg on the day, AJ was huge, thick, proportionate, and aesthetic, with a small waist accentuating his v-shape even more; AJ was hard, if not rock hard, so he can be sharper, that will come at the NPA Britain no doubt! Runner-up spot went to Andrew, very tight condition, exceptional legs and back; third spot was David, good legs, awesome calves, another couple of weeks’ dieting would have seen David challenging AJ, but on the day, his condition was just a fraction off; Luke, on his competitive debut placed fourth, with fantastic arms, abs, and delts, but must hammer the basics to improve his back and legs! Fifth was Philip, in good shape, not good enough to challenge higher, but when you think Philip has lost quite a lot of weight to compete, then Philip was in great shape!

Trained Figure Class 1

1 – Laura Moynihan – 3

2 – Gemma Robinson – 7

3 – Cerys Hindley – 9

4 – Sara Jordan – 11

5 – Lucy Jenkinson – 14

With 11 of the 15 first places available, Laura’s outstanding shape, taper, especially from the back, and overall level of development saw her take first place on her NPA debut. Gemma in second on her competitive debut and Cerys in third were in very good shape, both a little bit tighter in condition than Laura, just a little bit more muscle required; Cerys posed very well in her individual routine. Sara got fourth, she had the most muscle in the class, and had lost an incredible 50lbs to get herself into contest shape, it was an amazing transformation! Lucy, with her wide back and good taper showed very good potential, just needs a bit more muscle on her frame and she will undoubtedly climb the placings.

Men’s Middleweights Under 78kg

1 – Peter Garay – 4

2 – Kristian Kerr – 5

3 – Frazer Gretton – 10

4 – Craig Martin – 12

5 – Ronnie Haoming Cai – 15

6 – Tony Barnes – 17

7 – Bhavesh Varsani – 21

8 – Luke Gladders – 21

As soon as all 8 competitors lined up in this fantastic class, it was apparent that the battle for top spot would be between Peter and Kristian, two contrasting physiques without a doubt! Three judges chose Peter, two chose Kristian. Peter got 8 first places, Kristian got 7, so it was as close as it could be! With his great structure and balance, his thick set muscle, on a compact frame, his washboard abs, and sublime posing style, Peter was a very happy man as he took the title – yes, he could have been sharper, especially in the legs, and at 70.2kg he only just made the MW class, so he could end up in the LW class at the Britain Finals! Kristian in second – superior shape, symmetry, and lines, very sharp, crisp condition – another superb poser, Peter had more muscle density, Kristian had better condition, especially in the legs, a great battle between two exceptional physiques! Third spot went to Frazer, razor sharp condition, upper body exceptional, more leg mass still needed though; fourth was Craig, outstanding upper body, good legs, still needs more calf development, and needs a better tan! Fifth was Ronnie, everybody could see he was a potential winner, loads of muscle, very proportionate and balanced, but too smooth on the day; sixth in very good, if not his best, shape was Tony, who after being injured just weeks before the contest, did brilliantly just to get in shape, though he wasn’t as sharp as last year – I have to say that the tan on Tony, and Craig, was terrible – better to walk on stage milk bottle white than use a tan which, after 15 minutes of being on-stage, runs like a muddy river, especially on the back – it obscures the cuts, not good at all! Seventh was Bhavesh, another potential winner, weighing in at 76.4kg, I reckon at least 2kg off and the very good physique of Bhavesh would have challenged a lot higher, with Luke placing eighth – good upper body, a very tough class to enter for your first ever contest, and with more mass added, Luke will be back, and will enter the Novice class next time. Yet another very good class!

Men’s Heavyweights 78kg+

1 – Daniel Mucha – 3

2 – Nick Adams – 7

3 – Dominic Haley – 8

4 – Solomon Onaola – 12

5 – Dan Lampard – 15

6 – Dan Burke – 19

7 – Christopher Wright – 20

8 – William Rooke – 21

After such a good MW class, unbelievably, the Heavyweight class that followed them on-stage surpassed that standard and became, in this writer’s humble opinion, the finest class ever seen at any qualifier in the NPA’s 13 year history – yes, it was that good! Big Dan took the title, he carries a ton of muscle, very imposing physique, not quite as razor sharp as when he won the Overall NPA Yorkshire four months prior, but still hard enough to dominate the class with an overwhelming level of muscle mass and quality. And why did he enter in the first place? Well, after winning the Novices at the Yorkshire (and the Overall) he then went on to win his weight class and Overall in another contest, which ruled him out of the NPA Britain, as a Novice…so to qualify as a Heavyweight he had to enter the MWC, so he did! In second spot was Nick, in fantastic shape, outstanding arms, abs, and legs, tight condition; Dom looked surprised to place third, but he has always had a shape and structure everyone would like! Supreme symmetry and balance, hard upper body with great mid-section, once that elusive leg conditioning comes in, Dom will well and truly have arrived! Fourth was Solomon – big arms and legs, cannon ball delts, a bit more detailed separation especially on the back and legs and Solomon could well have placed higher. When Dan Lampard places fifth you know how good the class is; big, thick, near faultless symmetry and shape, but just a fraction off condition wise. In his first NPA competition, you could clearly see Dan Burke had a winner’s physique, but like Dan Lampard before him, he was a fraction off condition wise despite his great mass, shape, and overall muscle quality – and a terrible tan it must be said. Christopher got seventh with the tightest condition in the class, but needs more mass, and William in eighth, at 95kg, has all the mass, just needs to sharpen his condition. Overall, this Heavyweight class from Hell was good enough to grace any contest – on any stage!

Trained Figure Class 2

1 – Hannah Anderson – 3

2 – Charlene Black – 6

3 – Lucy Musson – 9

4 – Hannah Hallsworth – 15 (then 25)

5 – Nicky McInnis – 15 (then 25)

6 – Vicky Ellis – 15 (then 25)

In her first contest, and in very good shape, this was a great win for Hannah; she glowed on the stage, looking very fit; outstanding v-shape, especially on her back shots, her condition was the tightest in the class, right up to the level the NPA allows for the Trained Figure criteria. Runner-up was Charlene, very good lines and tapered back, two judges had Charlene in first after round 1; third spot was Lucy, good shape, lively posing routine, just needs more muscle to place higher. For the first time that I can recall, there was a 3 way tie for fourth which was split by the head judge; Hannah Hallsworth has the shape and the muscle, just needs to be tighter, which would accentuate her lines better; Nicki in her first contest was in good shape, same as Hannah, a fraction tighter would benefit her figure; Vicky in contrast was quite lean, and just needs more muscle to fill out her condition.

Men’s Lightweights Under 70kg

1 – David Hodson – 3

2 – Naveed Muzaffar – 6

3 – Sebastian David – 9

4 – Danny Emberton – 12

Picking up every first place available from the judges, David was a very happy man; he was very dry and as hard as rock, superb muscle separation all over his fine physique, in particular the legs, and especially in the mid section, with abs you literally could climb up! Comfortably in second was Naveed, with 13 from 15 second places, in fantastic muscular condition; third went to Sebastian, very good aesthetic physique, just needs a bit more on the legs though, and fourth, was Danny. Danny was big and complete, superb balance and shape; in shape he would have been battling for first place, but he was way off the mark condition wise, hence fourth place.

Ladies Overall Trained Figure


2 – Laura Moynihan – 7

3 – Sue Underdown – 8

With all 3 girls getting first, second, and third placings among their scores from the judges, this really could have gone to any one of them. Sue was the biggest, the wide shoulders, carrying the most muscle; Laura was fractionally softer than Sue, with beautiful lines; Hannah was tighter, looking every inch a super-fit Trained Figure girl, and it was Hannah who took the Overall, much to her delight! She also took the best First-timers award too!

Men’s Overall


2 – Peter Garay – 6

3 – Alvydas Janusauskas – 11

4 – David Hodson – 12

5 – Richard Walker – 14

6 – Chris Fortune – 17

There was no stopping the Bodybuilding juggernaut who is Daniel Mucha as he won the Overall. Peter’s shape and muscle fullness saw one judge place him first; AJ is a mountain of raw muscle thickness; David and Richard were both in incredible condition, and Chris is the X-Man himself! However, on the day, there was only one man who was going to win this title; Dan Mucha was 2kg heavier than back in May when he won the Overall NPA Yorkshire in his first ever contest, he just had too much overall muscle development for the others to beat him, and he deservedly won the 2016 NPA Mike Williams Classic Overall title!

Best Presentation awards: Hannah Anderson & David Hodson.

Polygraphing and drug-testing on the day was supervised by Patrick Mulligan and Andrew Armstrong of Forensic Vetting Ltd., and by Jonathan Bibb.

Judges: Andrew Palmer, Roy Jones, Sam Cullingworth, Jon Bibb, Carl Zambra, and Michael Phillips.

Back-stage: Les Csuk.

And so ended the 2016 NPA Mike Williams Classic and Pro-Am, another top contest for the NPA. Many thanks to all competitors, judges, officials, sponsors, family and friends who all play a huge part in the success of the NPA, and especially to all in the audience, who were there supporting and cheering on your loved ones – I hope to see you all doing the same at NPA shows in 2017.

Michael Phillips - Secretary NPA

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