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NPA Yorkshire 2016


Report & photography by Michael Phillips & Fivos Averkiou

Let’s say it as it was on Sunday May 22nd 2016…the 26th year of the annual NPA Yorkshire Championships was a monster success with 71 competitors and over 600 people packed and jammed into the fabulous Unity Works venue in Wakefield! The overall standard throughout the contest has never been better, with a lot of the classes as good as the Britain! The audience response and overall atmosphere helped to make the competition a memorable one, indeed, I will never forget that it was held on my birthday, and a good time was had by all!

The Unity Works venue, only re-opened in 2014 after being closed for around 30 years, and after a major £4 million revamp, is a fabulous concert / competition venue, in fact, it used to be the venue of the EFBB Yorkshire waaay back in the early ‘80’s, and ye writer actually competed there!

It was also the venue of a Tom Platz seminar / posing display back in 1982, when Platz came over the UK after placing a controversial 3rd place at the 1981 Olympia…so this venue has history, and its Bodybuilding history was brought back to life when a magnificent Dan Lampard took the Overall title last year – the Big question was…who would follow Dan in 2016?

Before the report though, a massive thank you to the main show sponsors: BULK POWDERS and UDO’S CHOICE, in particular Simon Jurkiw and Tony Barnes of each respective company, who not only put their money into the competition, they supplied supplements for the first two places in each class.

The magnificent trophies as always were supplied by Mark and Gill Fox of Fox Mouldings of Thirsk – there is nobody better.
Additional thanks to all the class sponsors:
Joanne Todd’s Chalk & Diamonds – custom made posing suits
David Thomas –
Sam Roberts’ Legacy Gym, Loughborough, Leicestershire –
Matt Bembridge – The Gym Professor @
Tony Barnes & Charlene Black’s Be More Fit Gym in Leeds
Tom MacMillan –
Lee Austin –
Peter Goodall – The Electric Man, Wakefield
Nicola Gilbert's A1 Competition Tanning

It’s very important to acknowledge all the good people who support your association, they all put their money into the NPA - please follow all of the above on Facebook!

On with the report…


Masters over 40’s

1 – Pete Gawtry – 3 (points)

2 – Peter Goodall – 6

100% first places for Pete Gawtry. Big, full, rounded muscle bellies, very good back, hams and calves, could have been a fraction sharper, but that’s nit-picking. He was delighted to win, and was captured perfectly by Fivos as he leapt into the air with joy on hearing the result, a brilliant moment! Peter Goodall in second has never looked better; good shape and taper, and improved on last year. Very good legs, calves and delts, good muscular condition too, still needs to work on showing his physique better though, just a few tweaks to bring the poses in better. Both invited to the 2016 NPA Britain Finals.

Trained Figure over 40’s

1 – Sandie Andrew – 4

2 – Tracy Ainley – 5

3 – Jane Haddow – 9

Sandie Andrew was much improved over her debut last year, with more muscle, and very good shape, lines and taper. Tracy Ainley in second had a fraction less muscle than Sandie, was trained and toned just right for the class, as was Sandie, and displayed a very good taper, with superb calves. In third was Jane Haddow, who stood out a mile when she came on – she was in incredible shape, with a back double biceps better than many a male in the contest, and with condition to match, but she was far too hard for this class and clearly should have been in the Ladies Physique class; the judges had no option but to place Jane third as they followed the judging criteria. So hopefully we will all see Jane in the Physique class in the very near future. Top 2 to the Britain.

Men’s Lightweights under 70kg

1 – Daniel Fadai-Tehrani

Never ideal when you end up being the only competitor in your class; Daniel made his competitive debut last year, and has increased his muscle mass, with his legs in particular very impressive. Lacks a bit of upper body muscle thickness, that will come with more time in the gym; overall, good improvements all round.

Men’s Middleweights under 78kg

1 – Martin Parker

Another single entry, with Martin in top notch shape. In fantastic condition, with a thick and striated chest, a wide back, and exceptional leg separation, Martin was very impressive indeed.

Novice Lightweights

1 – Mark Williams – 3

2 – Bertrand Augustin – 6

3 – Evan Parker – 9

4 – Harry Armstrong – 10

5 – Rhyss Dally – 15

6 – Michael Duke – 18

7 – Tom Yu, Ross Stephenson, Luke Shone – 21

4 competitors of the 9 in this class were first-timers, with the lightest at 61.3kg, and the heaviest bang on the 76kg mark. A very good class dominated by two contrasting structures. In one corner, you have Mark Williams; very thick muscle development all over his physique, rock hard condition, muscle separation very apparent everywhere, but lacking in aesthetics, and needing to improve his poses, which were that of a first timer. In the other corner, Bertrand Augustin, the lightweight with the beautiful, Wheeler-esque shape that sets him apart, the tiny waist, the abdominals, the superb posing, the back development that was up there with the best in the whole show, but with the relatively weak legs and calves. It was a chalk and cheese battle, and Bertrand was ahead after round 1, rightly so, only for Mark to take rounds 2 and 3 as his overwhelming muscle mass took the class. A great battle for top spot! The battle for third was very tight with Evan Parker displaying outstanding shape, symmetry, and balance, with very good legs and abs, getting the nod for third over Harry Armstrong in fourth, good shape, structure and muscle development, with an outstanding, and very wide, back; both Evan and Harry could have been a little bit sharper which could have seen them challenge higher, and it would have been very interesting to see them both with another two weeks’ dieting behind them. Rhyss Dally was a clear fifth – superb legs and abs, rock hard condition, Rhyss just needs more upper body mass to match the legs; Michael Duke in sixth has the shape, the structure, both in the upper body and in the legs, he just needs more density and thickness. Out of the top 6, Ross Stephenson, Tom Yu, and Luke Shone were all in good shape, they just need more time in the gym to develop the muscle mass and quality to challenge higher. Overall, an excellent class, with Britain invites going to the top 3.

Ladies Physique

1 – Karen Gunson – 3

2 – Lauren Davis – 6

3 – Karen Lamb – 9

4 – Emma Coates – 12

Karen Gunson showed a level of muscular condition a lot of the men can’t attain – incredible detail, very, very sharp, she was lighter than previous shows, and must be careful not to go lighter, as the fuller, slightly more heavy look would benefit her physique. Runner-up Lauren Davis has never competed before, was the smallest and lightest girl ever to compete in the NPA weighing under 40kg, and looked incredible. Superb shape, balance, and structure, very good level of muscle development and condition, Lauren also looked a picture of health and her smiling attitude lit up the stage; she also took 4 of the available first places, the other 11 of course going to Karen. A very good top 2 who both were invited to the NPA Britain Finals. Karen Lamb and Emma Coates were in fair shape, both need more time in the gym to be competitive.

Novice Middleweights

1 – Ryan Stevens – 3

2 – John Dasilva – 7

3 – Derek Lucacsko – 8

4 – Uche Osoka – 12

5 – Tony Gibson – 15

6 – Andy Flatman – 18

100% first places for Ryan Stevens. Shape, symmetry, full muscled, rock hard condition, highlighted by his fish-boned feathered triceps, Ryan was peaked to perfection and dominated the class. Washboard abs too! John Dasilva placed second; wide shoulders, flaring back, hard condition, with good legs. Derek Lucacsko, got third, another competitor with very good legs and abs, also in very good condition. Fourth was Uche Osoka – huge potential, very thick upper body, great arm development, legs were smooth though, would have been very interesting had Uche been as sharp as the three above him! Tony Gibson has never looked better, very good muscular physique, well balanced, with an outstanding posing routine; Andy Flatman in sixth was in good shape, simply needs more time in the gym to be able to develop more muscle to challenge higher. NPA Britian invites went to the top 3.

Trained Figure Class 2 under 5ft 5in

1 – Katie Le Feuvre – 5 (then 9, then winning 3-2 on judges’ head to head)

2 – Hollie Gallagher – 5 (then 9, then 2-3)

3 – Terri Bird – 11

4 – Savannah Westerby – 12

5 – Jennifer Broome – 15

6 – Rebecca Mallinder – 16

7 – Nicole Le Blanc – 19

8 – Bernadette Denoven – 21

9 – Sarah Butler – 21

A split decision for top spot! Katie Le Feuvre just got the nod over first-timer Hollie Gallagher. Katie’s shape and structure just won out – she was quite lean too, and was striving for more leg separation but this affected her upper body slightly, which would have benefited more from being a couple of lbs heavier – it’s a fine line, and definitely more difficult for the girls diet wise! A superb win for Katie; Hollie had more muscle, was in very good shape, with stunning muscle tone and skin texture, topped up by an energetic posing routine! She also got the best under 21 award, so was very happy. A superb battle for top spot. Terri Bird in third potentially can definitely place higher, with her wide shoulders, and tapered shape, her back especially so. Savannah Westerby, got fourth, was the second under 21 girl in the class, showed very good lines and shape, but needs more muscle to place higher; Jennifer Broome in fifth, and Rebecca Mallinder in sixth, clearly enjoyed their day in their first ever contest – both with good lines and shape, and like Savannah, just need a little bit more muscle to place higher. Nicole Le Blanc and Bernadette Denoven both received some sixth places in the judging, and indeed could have easily placed in the top 6; Nicole gave a fabulous posing display, Bernadette, in her first contest, was in very good shape, and posed very well too. Sarah Butler was in good shape, but needs to have a more trained and toned look to place higher. Overall, this was a very good class, with 6 first-timers, very well supported by a great audience. Top 3 invited to the NPA Britain Finals.

Masters over 50’s

1 – Andy Cowling – 3

2 – Denton Wilson – 9

3 – Glyne Jordan – 12

4 – Brian Rayner – 14

5 – Carlos Cockburn – 18

6 – Patrick McGrath – 21

7 – Ian Snow, Alan Williams – 21

Conclusive win for first-timer Andy Cowling. Best upper body in the class, superb muscle separation, his skin texture, condition, and tan were bang on the button, needs more leg muscle size, but overall a very good debut. Runner-up and multiple Masters Champ Denton Wilson was in good shape, at 60 years of age, not quite at his best, but as usual, his hugely entertaining routine went down very well with the audience! In third, Glyne Jordan’s shape and lines make him stand out, and he posed superbly to Labi Siffre’s ‘Something inside so strong’, but he has to nail his condition before he climbs to top spot. In fourth place was Brian Rayner. Returning after 10 years away from the competitive stage, Brian, at 69 years of age, still has his beautiful shape and structure, perfect balance, and as always, he posed magnificently. When Brian called me weeks before the contest to say he wanted to compete, I don’t mind admitting that I was delighted, and surprised; Brian won everything in 2004 / 2005 – Yorkshire, UK, Britain, Europe, and World titles, and at his best he was simply magnificent. I wanted him to win, I admit it, such is the respect and affection I have for the man, and I really hoped he could repeat his shape of a decade earlier. Brian simply wanted to show everyone that you can be close to 70 years of age and still be in good shape. He achieved that; had he been in his 2004 shape, this would have been no contest, and while he was indeed in good shape, on this day, that shape was only good enough for fourth place. Fifth spot went to Carlos Cockburn, as entertaining as ever with his body-popping routine, if Carlos ever seriously gets in top condition, he could well hit top spot. Placing sixth was Patrick McGrath, with his shape and muscle, but he must come in harder to place higher, which he is well capable of; Ian Snow and Alan Williams also need more definition and condition to place higher. Top 3 got the NPA Britain invites. These results have been amended; on the day, Simon Woodham-Owen placed second, but he has been disqualified after he failed a polygraph test at the 2016 NPA Britain Finals. So Denton is moved up to second with all behind him moving up a place accordingly.

Juniors under 21’s

1 – Joe Grailey – 3

2 – Nathaniel Fletcher – 8

3 – Daniel Gorse – 12 (then 20, then winning 3-2 on judges’ head to head)

4 – Nicholas Gill – 12 (then 20, then 2-3)

5 – Brock Cullen-Irace – 13

6 – Michael Smith – 15

7 – Louis Duckett – 21

Seven in the Juniors, and all bar one new to the NPA stage. There’s no doubt Joe Grailey was ready for this contest! Certainly not the biggest in the class, he was full muscled, very conditioned and muscular, tight abs, with superb legs, 4 of the 5 judges placed him deservedly first, and he was very happy! A clear second went to Nathaniel Fletcher, small in size, yet very complete, superb, capped delts, giving a very good shape and taper; the battle for third between the next 3 lads couldn’t have been closer, and had all of them shown better, sharper condition, they all could well have placed higher, yet judges judge on what they see on the day, not what they can see, potentially, in a physique. Dan Gorse got third, biggest in the class, plenty of mass, very good shape, but needed more definition especially in the legs; Nicholas Gill got fourth on a split decision with Dan – very good upper body, with outstanding shape, and good muscular condition, needs more legs though; fifth went to Brock Cullen-Irace, now this lad had legs the best in the contest, with diamond calves very rarely seen on an 18 year old, good upper body too, but a good couple of weeks away in terms of being contest ready. Michael Smith was very disappointed to place sixth, another lad capable of winning the class, very complete, good back, delts, arms and good legs, but like the others, condition wise, wasn’t ready. Seventh, and the youngest competitor ever seen in the NPA at under 14 years of age, Louis Duckett showed a good muscular upper body, posed well too, and will no doubt be a threat in future years. Great to see such a good line-up in the Junior class! Top 3 for the NPA Britain.

Trained Figure Class 1 5ft 6in and over

1 – Amy Wilson – 3

2 – Emma Fryer – 7

3 – Jenna Beckworth – 8

4 – Natalia Jeremko – 14 (then 24, then winning 3-2 on judges’ head to head)

5 – Louise Swain – 14 (then 24, then 2-3)

6 – Kat Appleton – 16

7 – Amber Brooks – 21

What a class this was, the best Trained Figure class ever seen on an NPA stage outside of the NPA Britain Finals. With 11 of the possible 15 available first places, Amy Wilson took the title on her NPA debut! A fantastic posing routine, superb shape, especially on all the back shots, on which she was faultless with her supreme taper, small waist, and diamond calves, this was a great win for Amy. With one point between them, Emma Fryer took second over Jenna Beckworth in third. Emma had more muscle than both Amy and Jenna, she also posed superbly, and had a great v-taper especially from the back! Jenna: wide shoulders, flaring, tapered back, very good in all aspects of on-stage presentation in all 3 rounds. Fourth, with superb lines, and balance, and another great routine, was Natalia Jeremko. A much improved Louise Swain got fifth, with more muscle and with better shape than last year; sixth was Kat Appleton, yet another great routine, in her best shape yet, carrying more muscle than last year; seventh was the tallest girl at 5ft 8in, Amber Brooks, in very good shape, just needs a bit more muscle to challenge the girls above her.

This was an awesome class – none of the girls were over conditioned, they all had muscle, and they all hit the criteria for the class! Top 3 for the NPA Britain.

Novice Heavyweights

1 – Daniel Mucha – 3

2 – Tom MacMillan – 7

3 – Joe Clegg – 8

4 – Steven Wells – 13

5 – Thomas Hill – 16 (then 26, then winning 3-2 on judges’ head to head)

6 – Damien Hird – 16 (then 26, then 2-3)

7 – Dieter Wegener – 21

Top class line-up! All bar one of the 15 available first places going to fantastic newcomer Daniel Mucha. Big, thick muscled, good balance, with superb condition, Daniel dominated the class and shocked everybody, he was awesome! One point separated Tom MacMillan and Joe Clegg; Tom actually entered the Novice MW class but came in too heavy, so was moved up in weight; like Daniel, Tom was big, and thick, with world class legs, however he knew he wasn’t ready or as sharp as he could be; had the Junior World Champ of 18 months ago been in his top condition he would have pushed Daniel more; Joe Clegg in his first contest stood out with his great shape and symmetry, he also had loads of thick muscle, just lacked that tight condition, especially on his legs. Steven Wells in fourth, very impressive upper body, needs more legs; fifth Thomas Hill, hard condition, very good arms, delts and back, Thomas was the heaviest competitor on the day at 91kg; sixth Damien Hird, good arms and legs, needs more chest thickness, and was a fraction soft. Seventh went to Dieter Wegener, who in terms of full muscled, tight condition was on a par with Daniel Mucha, in fact, only Daniel and Dieter were ready for the contest condition wise. Dieter was in the shape of his life, he is so tall and long muscled especially in his legs, that it will be harder for Dieter to pack on that required muscle – genetically, if you compare Dieter with Joe Clegg, who has supreme genetic shape and balance, it is no contest, yet Dieter’s tight, muscular condition was bang on the button, and he was much improved on previous showings. A very good class indeed, with NPA Britain invites going to the top 3.

Heavyweights 78kg+

1 – Nick Adams – 4

2 – Jakub Aleksandrowicz – 5

3 – Paul Cooke – 11

4 – Craig Martin – 12

5 – James Bradshaw – 15

6 – Mukaddir Ahmed – 18

There were two real battles in this class. The first was for top spot, with Nick Adams taking the title by one point over Jakub Aleksandrowicz. Nick was in fantastic shape – complete development, very good balance, symmetry, and shape, with a great washboard mid-section, condition perfect, a great tan, and a healthy look to his physique, Nick was an outstanding winner! Jakub was in rock hard condition, is taller than Nick, longer muscled, and with his frame can add quite a bit more mass yet – superb mid-section, outstanding upper body, and much improved on his NPA debut 18 month earlier. Paul Cooke got third, bigger than ever before, with great aesthetic lines and shape, another heavyweight with washboard abs! In fourth, one point behind, was Craig Martin, also bigger than ever before, with a wide back, with tighter condition, Craig could well have placed higher, calves are the weak point, blast the hell out of ‘em, Craig! James Bradshaw in fifth was in great shape, very good arms and abs, in excellent condition; in sixth, Mukaddir Ahmed has fantastic shape and taper, with wide shoulders and small waist, he stood out in round 1 but his legs and calves are relatively poor, and must prioritise them! Yet another very good class, top 2 got the Britain invites.

Overall Novice


2 – Ryan Stevens – 10

3 – Mark Williams – 15

All the third places went to Mark, all the seconds bar one went Ryan, so with 6 of the 7 judges putting him in first place, this was a convincing Overall Novice win for Daniel…and there was more to come…

Overall Trained Figure

1 – AMY WILSON – 5

2 – Sandie Andrew – 10

All the first places bar one going to Amy – there was no doubt that Sandie was massively improved over her contest debut last year; there was also no doubt that Amy was a fabulous winner, both will be in the NPA Britain Finals, and I do not doubt that in the shape they were both in for the 26th annual NPA Yorkshire contest, they will be among the front-runners for honours in October, even Einstein could work that one out!

Men’s Overall


2 – Nick Adams – 10

3 – Pete Gawtry – 17

4 – Martin Parker – 18

5 – Daniel Fadai-Tehrani – 25

When Daniel Mucha weighed in at 89.5kg at the competitors check-in it was obvious to a blind man he was good! But he was a bit better than that…he dominated his class, the Novice Overall, and he did the same in the Men’s Overall as he took the title with all the first places – what a physique, and what a win for a top class bodybuilder in his first ever contest! Nick Adams took all the second places, more aesthetic than Daniel, and in great shape of course, but there was no stopping the brutal muscle mass and cuts combination of Daniel; the battle for third saw Pete Gawtry taking it by one point over Martin Parker, both of them top class physiques, with the improving Daniel Fadai-Tehrani in his best ever shape in fifth. A fantastic Overall class with Daniel Mucha following in the huge muscular footsteps of such esteemed Champions as Daniel Lampard, Sam Watt, Steve Howarth and Richard Grattan, not a bad list to join!

Best First-timers

Daniel Mucha and Hollie Gallagher.

There were 27 first-timers in the competition.

Best Presentation:

Bertrand Augustin and Amy Wilson.

There were a number of outstanding posing routines throughout the day, these two were magnificent!


Carol Streeter, Mark Hesketh, Andrew Palmer, Chris Fortune, Ian King, Roy Jones, and Carl Zambra.

NPA Doping Control / Poly-graphing Officials:

Jon Bibb, Andrew Armstrong, and Paddy Mulligan.

Like all NPA competitions, the NPA Yorkshire was a poly-graphed and drug-tested competition, done to WADA standards, with nearly £2k spent on our drug-testing / poly-graphing programme on the day.

I have to say this…some of the patronising comments on Face-book after the competition commenting on the poly-graphing we do, just baffled me. We polygraph and / or drug-test a number of our competitors, and anyone who is asked to do either should be flattered, and to the ones mentoring them to get ready for competitions, you even more than the competitors you help, should applaud what we do, not post up your condescending, patronising comments which of course your sycophantic buddies will agree with! We have NEVER had any competitor ‘kick off’ when asked to do a polygraph, or give a urine sample for a drug test – this is what we do, to keep the sport clean, and just because you are asked to do either doesn’t mean that you are suspected of cheating. So to all you ‘mentors’ and ‘coaches’ out there who like to take the credit for your clients’ success, you should be the first to thank the NPA for acknowledging the quality of physique / figure of your ‘client’. ‘Nuff said.

On the day of the competition, like at many other NPA shows, a raffle was held for charity, and with the great support of all who were there, a total of £280 was raised for the Forget-me-Not Children’s Hospice. Huge thanks to all who gave prizes who were: Fivos Averkiou – contest photography; NPA two-time Overall British Champion Sam Watt, who gave a training session as a prize; Simon Jurkiw & Bulk Powders – supplements; Tony Barnes & Udo’s Choice – Udo’s Oil; Ian Duckett, who gave a copy of his new book ‘Old But Strong’; and the NPA who donated an NPA hoodie. Be proud of yourself, everybody!

Many thanks to all who supported the competition, whether competing, officiating, or spectating, please keep supporting the NPA as we continue to promote Natural Bodybuilding!

Michael Phillips

Secretary - NPA

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