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NPA Mike Williams Classic 2015

2015 NPA Mike Williams Classic

Results and photography by Michael Phillips & Fivos Averkiou

Shakespeare would have loved it! The NPA took the Mike Williams Classic contest to The Bard’s home town of Stratford-upon Avon, and treated the good people who came to support their loved ones in the contest to a majestic muscle-fest of the Best Naturally built muscle in Great Britain! 45 competitors all ready for battle, with 6 of the world’s best Champions in the Pro-Am class. Surely, there has never been a better class ever seen on a British stage than the Pro-Am at the Stratford Artshouse theatre on Sunday October 18th; it was better than the Olympia, and everybody there knew it, in fact, the Pro-Am class was so good, it deserves its own report, this one is all about the Mike Williams Classic!

As always, the MW Classic was the last qualifier of the year on the NPA calendar, held a week before the NPA Britain Finals – which guaranteed high standards in all classes!

Before the report though, it’s very important to acknowledge the sponsors, the ones who give their money, and supplements, to support the NPA and all our members and competitors!

The show sponsors:


Richard Grattan’s R G Strength & Physique Gym, Halifax;

Mr. Philip Drew, esq.; Lisa Corallini Strength 2 Strength Physiotherapy;

Glen Davis' Go-Pro Gym Equipment; Matt Bembridge, The Gym Professor; Carl Parry & Ashtan Interiors; Mark & Gill Fox of Fox Mouldings, Thirsk; Fivos Averkiou, Photography.

Thank you, each and every one of you!

On with the report!

Masters Over 50’s

1 – John Madourie – 3 points

2 – Denton Wilson – 6

3 – Carlos Cockburn – 9

4 – Patrick McGrath – 12

5 – John Bullock – 15

100% clean sweep of all available first places for the evergreen John Madourie, who successfully defended his MWC title, and looks 10 years younger, such are the benefits of Natural Bodybuilding. Looking as if chiselled from a block of granite, John has the complete physique, no weak points, great balance, and deep muscle quality and separation all over his impressive physique. Denton Wilson, at 60, in second place, was almost as good as when he won the NPA Yorkshire title earlier in the year, and he and fellow showman Carlos Cockburn, in third, brought the house down with their posing displays – both were in superb shape, Carlos his best yet. In fourth, Patrick McGrath has nearly everything to win; size, thickness, shape, but hasn’t got that rock hard condition; if he ever gets it, he will place higher, simples! John Bullock �?rocked all over the world’ as he opened up the show, posing to The Quo, and was in excellent shape.

Masters Over 40’s

1 – Chris Fortune – 4

2 – Gus Fisher – 5

A fantastic battle between two great Champions, this could have gone either way. As it was, Chris Fortune, with 9 of the 15 available first places, got the nod. Magnificent shape, lines, and balance, with better legs than Gus Fisher. In contrast, the huge Gus, was better side on with his almighty muscle thickness, and amazing arm development. Condition and preparation wise, Chris was bang on, Gus was just a shade off – a fraction harder, a better tan, and with a more professional stage presence, Gus will be back to winning ways. Chris followed John Madourie and also successfully defended his MW Classic title.

Juniors Under 21’s

1 – Dom Rae – 3

2 – Daniel Redmond – 6

3 – Sam Morris – 9

As clear cut as it gets regarding the placings with all the judges 100% agreed for every round – a class dominated by the classy physique of Dom Rae. Very complete, from head to toe, exceptional legs, full muscled, hard condition, very good tan, and an excellent posing routine which saw him win the Best Presentation award, Dom is an outstanding Junior Champion. Dan Redmond, making an NPA debut, stood there, in his front stance, with his great abdominal structure, and big legs, and looked superb – he isn’t as complete as Dom, in that he needs more arm development, but his chest, and legs, and abs, were hugely impressive. Sam Morris, another first-timer, was up against it so good were the top 2, but showed good, aesthetic shoulders to waist taper, with a small waist, impressive abs and legs, and good overall development – another year’s hard training will see him add to these attributes and challenge for top spot.

Ladies Trained Figure Over 40’s

1 – Christine Nanton – 3

2 – Vanessa Harbar – 6

3 – Maxine Burns – 9

Christine Nanton making a very welcome return to the stage, and becoming the first ever winner of the Over 40’s Trained Figure class, with the NPA introducing it for the first ever time due to popular request. The battle for first place was always between Christine and Vanessa Harbar, both showing good lines, symmetry and balance, with Christine’s extra muscle development deservedly giving her the title, and her sultry posing display in round 3 getting a very good audience reaction! Maxine Burns, in her first ever contest, was in good shape, but needs more muscle development to place higher.

Ladies Physique

1 – Samantha Coyle

Samantha, who placed second in the NPA Yorkshire back in May, was the only Ladies Physique competitor, and only appeared at the show, where she was put through her poses and quarter-turns, and then did her individual posing – Samantha has very good shape, with outstanding arm development, and at only 22 years of age, shows a lot of promise with her outstanding structure and shape.

Men’s Middleweights Under 78kg

1 – Carlos Barradas – 3

2 – Jason Green – 7

3 – Tony Barnes – 8

4 – Carl Constanza – 12

5 – Mohammed Ahmed – 15

In the best shape of his life, displaying a physique looking as if chiselled and carved out of granite, with every muscle showing great detail, especially his back, which was like a road map (!), a very happy Carlos Barradas took the MW title with 100% first places. Runner-up Jason Green was in great condition, abs and legs outstanding, Jason just needs to hammer the lats and back, for more thickness especially; his delts for example on his back double biceps are very impressive, so make the back work the priority, Jason! Speak to your mate, Dorian, and get some tips from him! Tony Barnes, clearly sharper than his fourth place at the South East 3 weeks earlier, was in his best ever shape. Faultless mid-section, great symmetry and aesthetic look to his physique; Tony does look more impressive front on than he does back on so to speak, and more back thickness and improved hams and calves would see Tony climb even higher. Placing fourth and fifth respectively, both Carl Constanza and Mohammed Ahmed entered the Lightweights but came in too heavy – this showed in both their physiques. In fourth, Carl structurally is very hard to fault, great combination of size, shape, and balance, with excellent legs, but he was at least 5lbs too heavy. Mohammed has an awesome upper body, thick chest, split biceps, his upper body is that of a winner, but he needs to hammer the hell out of his legs for 12 months to try to get them close to his upper body development, simple as that!

Men’s Lightweights Under 70kg

1 – Kane Georgiou – 3

2 – Nigel Wilkie – 6

3 – Fub Tolfari – 9

4 – Daniel Fadai-Tehrani – 12

A winning contest debut for Kane Georgiou; very impressive combination of size, thickness and cuts, with sweeping leg shape. Nigel Wilkie in second was disappointed, and did receive 3 of the 15 available first places, the other 12 going to Kane. Nigel was in fantastic shape, very sharp condition, particularly in the back, and the abs. Fub Tolofari got third, much improved on his last year’s Junior runner-up spot, showing outstanding growth over the last 12 months (as a 21 year old should!), with a monstrous most muscular shot highlighting his chest and arms, must hammer those calves though, Fub! Fourth was Daniel Fadai-Tehrani, in good shape, just needs more time training hard and heavy in the gym to be able to challenge the three above him.


1 – Daniel Osborne – 3

2 – Damian Blackwood – 6

3 – Kyle Heys – 11

4 – Nathan Froggatt – 12

5 – Scott Roberts – 13

6 – Matt Cox – 18

7 – Ant Hobbs – 21

8 – Josh Hudson, Neil Langford, Michael Brown – 21

An outstanding class, arguably the best Novice class ever seen in the NPA with competitors placing out of the top 6 who could well have won a Novice class in another qualifier! But after saying that, the class was dominated by the supreme shape, symmetry, and balance of Daniel Osborne, who also was big, hard, and cut, overall, a winning combination on his NPA debut! Damian Blackwood actually got 3 first places (Daniel got the other 12), and was in fantastic shape; tiny waist, washboard abs, very aesthetic and flaring upper body, supreme muscle fullness and pristine looking muscle separation, but must hammer the calves! While the top 2 were clearly placed (which is why they were called out together for the last comparison), the battle for third was very close! Kyle Heys, a first-timer, had the best legs in the class, with diamond calves, very good abs and arms, and in excellent condition, needs more chest and back thickness and width, and if he can add those to what he already has, then it will be very interesting to see him compete in 2016! One point behind Kyle was Nathan Froggatt – another top class Novice; superb abs, legs and arms, very good back with deep definition showing excellent condition. Fifth went to Scott Roberts, who was clearly disappointed – third to fifth placings could have gone any which way between Kyle, Nathan, and Scott, all 3 looked magnificent. Scott was razor sharp, with feathered legs and glutes, the ultimate mid section, but he does need more lats and back width, to improve his shoulder to waist taper. Sixth went to Matt Cox, great shape and structure, big legs, very impressive size, had he had the condition and hardness of Scott Roberts then Matt could well have placed higher. Seventh, in his best shape yet, with a very impressive upper body in particular, was Ant Hobbs; in joint eighth were Josh Hudson, just out of the Juniors – shape, structure, balance is all there Josh, just keep adding the muscle like you have over the last 12 months; Neil Langford and Michael Brown both looked impressive, both first-timers, and with another 12 months hard training will be bigger and better and more capable of placing higher, as I mentioned in my first line, this was arguably the best Novice class ever seen in the NPA!

Trained Figure

1 – Emma Fryer – 3

2 – Gemini Lawton – 6

3 – Sophie Hollingdale – 9

4 – Kate Swinson – 12

5 – Sarah Butler – 16

6 – Bev Dawson – 17

Great win on her contest debut for Emma Fryer in stunning shape, showing an excellent level of muscle development, with very good balance and lines, and looking every inch a top class trained and toned figure competitor; Emma also won the Best Presentation award, with a superb posing routine. Gemini Lawton in second with the same attributes as Emma, in superb shape, and with a very good posing routine, with props, which aren’t allowed in the NPA but before I knew it she had already started posing to Michael Jackson, wearing hat and glove, much to the delight of the audience! In third was the statuesque Sophie Hollingdale, fantastic shoulder to waist structure, Sophie is clearly capable of winning, but looked like she could have prepared slightly better, and her tan was poor, which definitely did not help her. In fourth was Kate Swinson, the leanest competitor who with more muscle could place higher; fifth in her first contest was Sarah Butler, in good shape, but needs to work on her shoulder width, and lats, to give her a better taper; and sixth went to Bev Dawson, who actually did get a fourth from one judge; with a good level of shape and muscle development, if Bev can come in just a fraction lighter then she will climb up the placings.

Men’s Overall

1 – Daniel Osborne – 3

2 – Chris Fortune – 6

3 – Dom Rae – 9

4 – Kane Georgiou – 12

To complete a day to remember, Daniel, taking four firsts to Chris’ one, became the Overall NPA Mike Williams Classic Champion of 2015, a great day for Daniel, who was very impressive indeed, and will be a threat to all Heavyweights in 2016!

Best Presentation awards: Dom Rae and Emma Fryer.

Judges: Ian King, Mark Hesketh, Carl Zambra, Jon Harris, Charlie McKee, and Michael Phillips.

Back-stage: Scott Fruin.

Drug-testing / Polygraphing Officials:

Jonathan Bibb, Andrew Armstrong, and Patrick Mulligan.

On the day of the competition, with the help and support of sponsors and supporters, a raffle was held which raised £150 for Fisher House, a fantastic charity based next to the QE Hospital in Birmingham, which does so much for the families of troops injured in the service of their country.

On behalf of a lot of people, I thank each and every one of you who contributed to this amount.

So concluded the 2015 NPA Mike Williams Classic, a top quality competition, in a fine venue – the only disappointment was that the venue was only half full.

For the report of the incredible Pro-Am class, see elsewhere on the NPA web-site for the in depth report of that amazing contest!

Many thanks to all who were there at Stratford Artshouse supporting the NPA Mike Williams Classic – make sure you are there in 2016!

Michael Phillips

Secretary - NPA

Outro Strip

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